Monday, November 1, 2010

Review of Adobe Business Catalyst

Trying to find an honest review of an online product these days is difficult. Take Adobe Business Catalyst for example. This platform for hosting a website and setting up an ecommerce site is great idea in a world where business people need a simple and effective way to post their own content on the internet. The web designer uses Adobe Catalyst to set up the website, using a template provided by Adobe Catalyst or one of the customers own choosing.Once the site is set up the customer can add content as if he or she were using a simple word document.

As simple as the idea is, the execution of Business Catalyst by Adobe leaves the user wanting more.And finding an honest review of the potential problems is difficult when Adobe is able to pepper the search engines with its own op eds. Still, I did find this review by Freelance helpful.

The best part of the review for me are the actual user comments at the end of the Review. There is a cost to anything worthwhile, and BC's cost although high is not insurmountable if it delivers. Second, the learning curve is a bit steep. Lions, and tigers, and bears or Modules, and catalogues, and menus - oh my. My experience with getting anything out of a can is that it tastes great if you like soup. But, if you want to doll it up into something else, it is still going to look and taste like soup. So too with BC's templates, you can add your own images and content, but there is a certain sameness to the look. And then there is the problem of adapting your images to the size constraints of BC's template.

One other problem with BC for me is the navigational dead ends one runs into, which is surprising considering that this is an Adobe product. For the most part I feel as if I am moving one way though the folders and web pages and unable to simply go back. It is irritating especially so when the concept of the site is simplicity.

I was attracted to BC for two reasons: the use of modules simplifies updating of the site; and, the ability to upload products quickly. These are a big plus to my work, now if I can just get past the other issues.


  1. Sir..
    Could you post a video about Business Catalyst to further understand it..

  2. definetely business catalyst has a lot of constraints regarding it's layout and templates. Although it is one of the powerful open-source CMS that includes email&website hosting, ecommerce and email marketing. Designing a template is not that easy, good thing Business Catalyst Templates offers pre-made templates..

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