Saturday, September 29, 2012

How to Create a Fix Navigation Bar at the Top of Your Page

I want to save this link before I forget, then come back and edit the page.

Create a Fixed Navigation Bar at the Top of Your Web Page

The simple tutorial comes from Fuel Your Creativity. The site provides the files to download or you can take the code directly from the page.

The idea is to fix the navigation at the top of the page and keep it there even as you scroll down. It is a simple matter of using a fixed position layout of the navigation.

I want to go back and examine the issue because the major sites seem to have gotten away from this practice. One wonders about its impact on iphones. The second issue seems to be screen space which is always at a premium. Still, one should consider the advantages.

It is contrarian. That's good because it will stand out. It creates a visual reference. Again, good, because the eye is drawn to the navigation bar.

One possibility that I can consider is using the fixed navigation on the index page and then removing it on all other pages.

There are examples out there to see.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

980 vs 960 pixel width layout

The debate over a making your web layout 980 or 960 comes down to a two or four column layout versus a three column layout. The number 980 is easily divisible by 2's and 4's while 960 has the advantage of being divisible by 3.

Read Quantumodo for a full explanation of the advantages of 980.  Apple uses this layout.

Now, if you are doing the math, then the four column layout allows a max width of 245 pixels. Apple, however, wisely scales its images down to 237 pixels to allow for some white space. That comes to a margin of 4 pixels of white space on each image. Since images are next to each other, the margin doubles to 8 pixels.

Notice that I changed the layout on this blog to 980 pixels.